Friday, January 8, 2010

Stuff Hipsters Hate

This book will have you laughing so much, those around you will be giving you strange looks. Yes, one of those.

That being said, I don't even know where to begin reviewing.

Weaving through their urban habitat on a fixie; sporting skinny jeans, torn hoodie and trucker hat; almost half-drunk from three PBR tall boys — the ubiquitous big city hipster has joined the grand tradition of America’s counterculture icons. Hippies spread their free love. Punks screamed their lawless anger. And now, hipsters sneer their ironic disdain. Detailing the rejectionism of everything anyone else thinks is cool, Stuff Hipsters Hate reveals the innermost secrets of indie scenesters. The Brooklyn-embedded authors offer an agonizingly researched and painfully funny guide to the unique snowflakes that comprise this mass movement. If non-hipsters love their CD music, digital cameras and high-paying jobs, that’s just because they don’t understand how cool and ironic it is to live in a modern metropolis but have a vinyl record collection, Polaroid camera and no job. Whether they are hating on "places that have become a scene," "people who dance in bars," or "other hipsters," this unwashed urban tribe has an endless well of scorn that makes for a bitingly hilarious read. (Goodreads)

Originally, I didn't know much about what a 'Hipster' was. By the end of this book, I was quite familiar with their various habits.

This book is chock full of witty sarcasm, inside jokes, and just plain cleverness. And how can you not love the cover?!

Best book investment ever. It's something I feel like I can come back to in a few weeks and enjoy just as much a second time.

Go find it in the humor section!