Friday, January 6, 2012

Maybe - Brent Runyon

I really don’t know where to start. This book was amazing and profound on so many levels. It may even be my new favorite. However, it’s not a novel that I’d lend and rave about to everyone—there are some mature moments, and many filled with profanity. But it’s so worth it. It definitely isn’t something I’d recommend to my grandmother, but to my closest friends? Of course! This novel pulls in some really deep and real issues and brings them into perspective.

It’s so realistic compared to the actual high school experience, I was really able to relate. The movie The Breakfast Club changed the way I thought about life, high school, and various social situations. This book is a lot like that movie is to me. Harsh. Real. Honest. Heart-wrenching.

I don’t usually sit down and read a whole book in a day. I get too anxious, feeling like I should be splitting my time. However, I plopped down and plowed through this book! It was that fantastic!
I highly recommend for anyone looking for a fresh, realistic take on the world of teenagers.