Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hot lunch day is usually a good day...

So today I was going to review the book I've been mulling over at the local bookstore and finally finished. But life came along and dragged that away from me.
You know when you wake up crabby and someone says "Well look who woke up on ethe wrong side of them bed this morning." Today wasn't like that. I woke up knowing that I was in a bad mood-- I didn't need anyone to tell me!
The Fine Arts Literature critique was today. And that actually went okay(ish). I submitted two pieces: a personal essay and a piece of fiction. But he critiqued my essay as though it were fiction and I didn't say anything...
And then luch rolled around and it's Wednesday, so it's hot lunch. Usually, that's all awesome becuase I brown bag it every other day of the week as my school does not have a those hired luch ladies the teen movies make fun of. But I get there and start wainting in a long line only to get extremely close to the front for them to tell me that they ran out of tacos, the best lunch. So I had to go wait in another long line to get my food. I made my way back to the table where all of my friends were already happily enjoying their meal to look at the clock and see that I had seven minutes left to eat my lunch. Great. Just great.
I also had a drive. Parallel parking. Boo. I missed the mark three out of the five times I attempted to park. Maybe I need practice? Hahaha.
And now, American Idol is on and Time Urban just got voted off. The one person I was rooting for after Alex Lambert got voted off before they went to the big stage. Tim, I wish you the best.

And even though my day was pretty much pure suck for no hugley particular reason, I know that it was completley terrible for some of my relatives a few states away. My great uncle passed away today. He had been pretty sick for a while now, having been battling cancer since I started growing up. And it sucks. Cancer sucks. But I am so incredibly glad that I went on that little roadtrip last summer to visit that family I never get to see. Because it was the last time I saw him. And it was nice. Here's to you, uncle Lee. We'll all miss you.