Saturday, September 4, 2010

Indie anyone?

Okay, so I am alll about little publishing companies and indie bookstores.


I don't live anywhere near indie bookstores, or even used bookstores, so unless I go to the city, which is pretty far... the local chain bookstore it is for me. Which is okay.

Sadly, I hardly ever hear of any indie books, unless I read about them on other blogs (which I LOVE to see!).
So when I heard about INJANE by Douglas K. Pearson, I was pretty pumped. Especially when I heard what it was about. At first, it reminded me of Wake by Lisa Mcmann. Until I read the first chapter and realized that this was something different from anything I'd read before. That kind of stuff just doesn't appear too much in the kind of literature that goes around popularly. And sometimes, it's a nice change.

To read the first chapter of INJANE, click here. And if you have any great indie book recommendations, let me know in the comments!


Anastacia said...

I love indie books, too. I've only started reviewing them recently. I don't really have access to any great indie bookstores, either, but I've gotten some review copies from indie authors :).