Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp... I miss it!

So I pretty much had the best two weeks of my life about a month ago, when I traveled over state lines to stay at a summer camp.
But when you think of camp, your picture is NOT going to match mine. It's the high school program. That means it's 12 days instead of 5, we spend almost all of our time co-ed, and the activities are lessened and replaced by chores.

Okay, now you're probably stuck on the last one. Chores? At summer camp? Don't you pay so that you can kind of get away from that stuff? Well, like I said, it's the high school program. All (or at least most) attended the camp when we were younger. And it's an amazing camp. So it and the experiences it has to offer mean a lot to us. We are willing and want to serve by cleaning bathrooms, the dining hall, and taking out the trash. Okay, we aren't thrilled to do this stuff, but it's the relationships we build with one another while doing these things that make the memories last. And it's not all work. It's maybe one-third. All those other moments spent just hanging around the cabin's main room, playing card games and laughing when we have a few free moments.

And it's days like these, when I'm not preoccupied with friends or books or TV that I really start to miss all that. A chunk of my friends started school already, me being one of the few not to. So I've been thinking a lot of those camp days, where there wasn't homework or internet or relationships to get in the way of friends. It's just us, for two weeks, sharing a room and a bathroom, the great opportunity to get to know people who you wouldn't have otherwise.

I really wanted to post a picture of all of us on the last day. Twenty-five people sitting on the roof to the cabin, smiling and making a funny pose, realizing that these are the last few moments we'd ever spend with these exact people.

But I really wanted to post a picture, so I'm posting one of my working group on our last day of trash duty. It was the best day. We walked around with the bags on our heads as well as using the bags for capes. Maybe you had to be there. I'm the one on the far right.
If you are at all interested in more information about this camp, email me at
I'd love to tell you more, I just didn't want to put the info up for all to see. =)