Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack! Plus a review!

Hello all!
First I must say that my much needed time off was wonderful. Camp was life-changing and my brother's wedding was marvelous! Talk about a fun time!
Anywho, I never really got much time to read, but I did finish one book in three weeks. Yikes! Plus, I got some good read time in on the airplane. =)

So I finished Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti.
And I don't even know where to begin.

Ruby has always been the quiet one. The shy bookish one, whose habits are only enforced by her mother in more ways than one. So when Ruby falls for the rich and spoiled bad boy down the street, Travis, Ruby falls hard. She faces things with a lot of regret and remorse. And she has to choose to hold some things and let others go. She knows she can't be the same way her mother is-- stumbling at the feet of a man. Ruby has to set her own path. To do this, she goes off on a road trip with her mother, brother, and a few people from her mother's book club, The Casserole Queens, bent on reuniting a member of the club with her long lost love. It's on this journey that heart break and heart ache can heal as well as learn.

This novel was full of so much depth and vivid description. It's the first I've read of Caletti's works, but it left me wanting more so I know I'll be back for some!

The language is woven beautifully and intricately. I learned so much about myself just from reading the fictional experience of others! That's saying a lot. When an author can do that, you know they've got the right stuff.

The style reminded me of Sarah Dessen's work. Very good, with the same way of making awesome descriptions sound natural. The way everything flows. Nothing is forced.

The characters were wonderful! I loved the Casserole Queens. Their haughty attitudes added a bit of spice to the story. I would have liked to see them enter the story a bit sooner, though.
Aside from Ruby, I adored Chip Jr., her little brother. He seemed so wise for his age, always knowing and being so aware of feelings.

It kept me reading, too. It wasn't necessarily suspenseful, but there were some parts where I just needed to know what happened!

Plus, so many great quotes. Here's one of my favorites:
" 'Everyone's central problem is longing.' Harold shouted...'There's nothing intrinsically wrong with longing.' Anna Bee said. 'Longing has led to great things. Every great discovery and accomplishment has its base in longing. It's only when you look to others to fill that longing that there are problems.' "

And because we can all relate....
"We were book readers, trained to step around raw feelings in the name of politeness and love, and yet I was furious."

So if you get the chance to pick this one up, do it! And then let me know what you thought.